Down is the natural insulating layer found beneath the harder, exterior feathers on geese and ducks that keeps their bodies warm. It is a fantastic insulator, as the loft (or fluffiness) of down creates thousands of tiny air pockets that trap warm air and retain heat, thus keeping the body very warm.

Goose Down and Feathers - Certified to European Standards

The origin of down and feathers from poultry meat production is recorded through a detailed documentation system. This applies to all deliveries from European Union member states, European countries and third-party countries.

Goose down and feathers are harvested exclusively after the slaughtering process. After meticulous hygienic preparation (washing in water, steam drying, sterilizing, sorting), the down and feathers can be used in garments.

Hydrophobic Goose Down

Hydrophobic Down is a water repellent/resistant down insulation that has been pre-treated. The down clusters are treated with a special water repellent agent to offer the best properties of both synthetic and natural untreated down. It resists water for considerably longer than untreated down, retains the ability to stay lofted when wet, and dries quicker. Hydrophobic Down will retain its thermal efficiency in a much wider range of conditions and therefore is the ideal solution to the challenges provided by a cold, wet climate. When regular down jackets fail, a Hydrophobic Down jacket continues performing, keeping you warm and comfortable for longer periods of time.