Shieldtex™ is an innovative membrane technology that keeps water and wind out, while evaporating moisture through the membrane and away from the body, for high moisture permeability and breathability. The higher the activity level, the more efficient the Shieldtex™ membrane works.

Shieldtex™ 2L – Two Layer

2L construction is the most commonly used for outerwear. Chamonix 2L jackets and pants are generally insulated, and the outer shell is constructed with two layers: A laminate face fabric like nylon or polyester, treated with a DWR bonded to the Shieldtex waterproof and breathable membrane. This technology is windproof,  lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and offers waterproof and breathable protection at a variety of levels.

Shieldtex™ 3L – Three Layer

3L garments are constructed with three layers:  A nylon or polyester face fabric with a DWR treatment that is bonded to a waterproof/breathable membrane, which is bonded to a lightweight, protective backing like mesh or nylon. To the eye, this all looks like one layer. Jackets made with bonded three layers are usually more durable and offer a higher level of protection for a longer period. 3L construction is the most advanced, protective, packable, durable and breathable construction method. Chamonix 3L Jackets and Pants offer 15,000mm of waterproof protection and 10,000g of breathability.

All garments designed with Shieldtex™ are machine washable.