Chamonix Collection Welcomes new ambassador Jesse Paul.

We are truly excited to bring Jesse Paul into the fray at Chamonix as we develop and evolve our collection. Jesse fits who we are now and who we see ourselves as moving forward. With a successful career including 2016 Transworld Snowboarding’s Rookie of the Year, 2017 Bronze in X games Real Snow, 2019 Hot Dogs and Handrails winner, and 2020’s X games Gold Rail Jam winner to highlight some of his storied snowboard adventures.  As well as parts for Working for the City 2, The Impaler, Reckless Abandon, Arcadia, VEER, and Sessions the Next Chapter.  His on-snow credits are massive, but off snow Jesse’s just as unique and passionate about many things- production, photography, healthy living, yoga, and skating. As he continues to build his Board Bag studios from a podcast to beyond, he’s at a perfect moment to grow outside of these standards. We look forward to working together for an aligned future driving towards new chapters in our now shared story.



Jeese hiking Holy Bowly.  




Josh Tranby 

Josh started his snowboarding journey at Wild Mountain and with his natural abilities, fast became a local hero. After starting to work with some local reps, he charged the Midwest event scene before evolving to venturing West in the Winter. Whether he's filming for Red Bull's winch sessions or floating through a transition park on Hood, Josh does it with style. Josh now splits time between MN and CO as he loves to rip the lakes on boards all summer, as well as the camping and biking of the Northwoods. Josh continues to focus on staying fit on board and pushing to new highs. 

Banff steam hangs  

Josh riding some Sunfish Park trails. 



Kyle Kelley 

Kyle grew up outside of the Chicago at an all towrope resort called Raging Buffalo"which is no longer around. With a pipe and ample park features Kyle really looked up to Jeresy's own Danny Kass from a young age. Today he's fired up to session with the friends new and old alike. Based in Colorado which allows for all the outdoor adventures he wants to participate in like fly fishing, skateboarding, dirt biking, and snowboarding. Kyle's a forward reaching individual who's excited to charge the outdoors and all lines it provides.