Ames Bros® is the expanding vision of designers/illustrators/business partners Barry Ament and Coby Schultz. Natives of the Great Northwest, Ament and Schultz grew up in Montana, where they met in college. 

After surviving art school, they moved west to Seattle. It was there, in 1994, that they started Ames Bros, a graphic design and illustration company. The ideals the pair shared then are the same ideals that drive them today. Concept, execution, style, and evolution, all working together to create a timeless product. Through their 25+ year history, their vast body of work ranges from custom posters and album covers for rock giants like Pearl Jam and Metallica; to logos for superstar athletes like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Add to that, advertising illustrations and product design for classics like MTV, Converse, Absolut Vodka, Ray-Ban and Cooper Mini. All of the exposure, accolades, and awards they have received have come directly and organically through their unique and inspired creations. Fueled by the passion to create, they built Ames Bros Clothing. For over a decade they have dedicated their talents to creating the best t-shirt out there. You’ll find Ames Bros loyalists everywhere, owning a shirt for every day of the week. The clever and humorous designs constantly pull from pop culture, adding elements of nature, music, and history to create random, yet dead-on scenarios that ultimately become classics in any collection.

It’s been a business doing pleasure. With a simple criteria for taking on new projects… good work for good people, Ames Bros are currently in the throes of extensive campaigns for local companies Boeing, Pagliacci Pizza and The Washington Health Benefit Exchange. Good work for good. 

We take great pride in our success, which has always been in connecting companies and their products to their audience, nurturing and growing that connection through an innovative design approach and painstaking attention to detail.

Looking forward to the next 25 years.



D.C. Ice treasures the process of creating stories through art. Her illustrative characters often carry grief. In other paintings, blessings and joy bleed out of the frame. Pastel colors may mask suspicious character's troublesome thoughts or harsh scratchy line quality can outline innocent animal friends. It's a mischievous battle between grisly critters and sweet furry folk.

Onlookers will take note of race, age, and gender while viewing paintings of humans. Even how the subject dresses relays their financial status and even more. With animals, all of that disappears. I like creating animals with human attributes because I can capture a clearer sense of human emotion without the viewer’s vision being clouded with stereotypes or unconscious prejudices. More recently, I have been trying to unfold stories through illustrating vintage relics. These images are as edgy as my critter's teeth. However, flowers and nature soften the blow on these razor blade drawn paintings.



David Lozeau is a figurative painter who creates unique, expressive skeleton characters and puts a modern, Lowbrow twist on traditional Dia de los Muertos iconography. In the span of eight years, he has shown his works in dozens of galleries on three continents, collaborated with Fender, El Jimador Tequila, and Disney, won awards at fine art exhibitions, and been featured in countless magazines and hardcover books.

DLo grew up in rural New Hampshire and earned a graphic art degree. For several years after graduation, he ignored his paints and focused solely on his career, working commercially in print, Web, and video production before eventually moving to Southern California and reawakening his long-dormant artistic side.

His Day of the Dead art turns the annual celebration on its ear through his use of bold colors, exaggerated features, and impeccable details. DLo's Wild West art is rooted in American cowboy gunslinger lore where there was only a very fine line between a marshal and an outlaw. David's Lowbrow art pays homage to everything from Greek mythology to the kustom kulture hot rod scene. And his Nautical art is anything but typical, depicting steampunk divers, tiki-hoarding octopus, and underwater robot invasions.


Daniela Garreton (1983*) is a Basque Country based artist. She was born in Santiago de Chile. Growing up in a deverse country with more than 4.000km of varied coastline, the sea soon became her life passion.

In 2010 Daniela moved to Europe and chose another coastal city, San Sebastian, as her artistic residence. Since moving there the sea has continued to imprint itself on her mindscreen and she brings these often intense images to life through various techniques.

Her work conveys the deep sense of respect and passion she feels for the ocean through a clean and intense style. Daniela's artwork has been featured in several galleries across Europe and her art has been auctioned at CHRISTIE'S NY Green Auction.



Jessie McNally (she/her) is an Australian born, Minnesota raised artist who currently resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Jessie has spent over sixteen years as a tattoo artist however, her goal is to retire from tattooing all together to work on her personal art full time.