We work to make our goods as responsibly as possible. Knowing we are always working to improve on all aspects of materials, process, energy use, and transportation efficiencies. Our factory uses Photovoltaic (solar power) energy to power presses, machineries, and facilities. Also we use wood suppliers which are FSC certificated. Water based inks are used on all sublimation, partially for silkscreen (specifically white inks) while we work toward 100% water based silkscreen inks. Also direct digital printing is using UV colors which have no solvents which is better for the environment. Lastly we use a percentage of base materials which use recycled materials. All this is an effort to lessen the impact and to act responsible to the best of our ability in order to lighten the load.


  • We use Photovoltaic (solar power) means all our energy for presses and machineries for snowboard are “green” without CO2.
  • For sublimation we use waterbased ink 
  • Silkscreen we use partially waterbased ink specially for the white; for the next year we plan to change totally to water based silkscreen ink 
  • Direct digital print is using UV colors which have no solvent – therefore they are environmental friendly


  • Materials like IS 4400 and ICP 2117 are using regenerate (recycled) material
  • We use wood from suppliers which are FSC certificated

    The Icon wheels lets you know which parts of your board is working towards a positive sustainable product.