Chamonix Cheval Mens Snowboard Bindings

$120 ch1che04mb19
The Chamonix Cheval has its sights set on new snowboarders who are looking for a comfortable and affordable binding without sacrificing quality. A urethane-blended base allows this binding to be lightweight and relay tons of board feel underfoot. A mold-injected ankle strap allows the binding to be very comfortable and helps eliminate pressure points caused by most traditional straps. The toe strap of this binding has been designed to fit snugly over the toe of your boots unlike traditional over-the-top of boot-style straps, adding comfort and response to the bindings' overall performance. A mid-flexing highback allows for a forgiving feel and adds to the overall playfulness of the binding. This binding is ideal for riders who spend their time in the park or riding freestyle terrain.
  • Ankle Strap: 3D Profile
  • Toe Strap: Toe Cap
  • Flex: Soft/Medium
  • Compatibility: 2X4, 4X4