Chamonix Cornu Wing Back Mens Snowboard Bindings Black/Orange Sz L (9-13)

$180 ch1cwb06bo19
The Chamonix Cornu Wing Back binding is relatively similar to the original Cornu binding with just a little twist. A wing is added to the upper outside of the bindings that allows them to have extra response and support. An articulated heel strap allows this binding to remain comfortable and supportive session after session while a fitted toe strap allows the bottom strap to fit over your toes for added response time on edge and an overall better fit inside the binding. The Cornu adds a urethane footbed that gives the rider a more supportive base and extra comfort when taking themselves from peak to peak. The Cornu presents itself to the seasoned vet who needs a binding they can rely on season after season. 
  • Ankle Strap: 3D Profile
  • Toe Strap: Toe Cap
  • Flex: Soft/Medium
  • Compatibility: 2X4, 4X4